Who We Are

We were founded in 1989 in Williamsport, PA.  Our team is made up of a high character, business-oriented, professionals who live and breathe Information Technology (IT) daily.  We are robust enough to take on complex IT projects and become your complete IT department, bet yet flexible enough to seamlessly integrate ourselves into your existing IT department and augment areas that need more attention or advanced skills.

Our Core Principals

  • Understanding our client's vision and goals
  • IT must be aligned and supportive of business strategy not the other way around
  • Unparalleled services and support
  • On-budget solutions
  • Worry-free clients

How We Can Help You

We understand.   You rely on your network and computers to conduct business every day.  “IT” must be secure and fully operational at all times; otherwise you are losing money and letting your employees and customers down.  

Our core focus is to help Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMB's) fully utilize all of the benefits that Information Technology can bring to the table, which include:

  • Unleashing IT as a strategic competitive advantage
  • Safeguarding data and mitigating risk
  • Improving business efficiencies and lowering costs

Top Reasons Clients Choose CSR

  • They have advanced IT concerns that can’t be managed by in-house personnel
  • Their present IT support is not keeping pace with their business needs
  • They have aging systems running old, unsupported operating systems that need updated
  • They have a need to add or update a business application, but their current systems won't support the new application
  • Their Internet and systems are slow
  • Their systems have a virus and they need help!
  • They have a critical system that is down and it's impacting their business productivity and customer satisfaction 
  • They want to stop worrying about IT and focus on their business
  • They are concerned about security and all of the various Compliance and Regulatory (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, or PCI) responsibilities
  • Their backups keeps failing or they're not entirely sure if their backup is working 
  • They're tired of their current IT provider nickel and diming them!
  • They are a startup or fast growth emerging company
  • They've heard about the cloud but are unsure how it can help their business

If you share any of these concerns, we can help.  Give us a call.  You'll be glad you did!